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We Care About Our Youngest Patients

Dr. Kimball strives to make children feel at ease and enjoy a visit to the dentist, so bring the entire family along! You are assured your child will benefit from the latest advances in children’s dentistry, delivered by a caring team with thoughtfulness and compassion. We encourage the good dental habits with children and enjoy instructing them on how to keep their teeth healthy. We enjoy seeing them for the first dental visit when the first tooth cuts and watching them grow up over the years.

One of our missions is to make sure this and future generations of children have no fear of going to the dentist. According to our happy parents, that’s exactly what we’re doing! Our office is a comfortable and happy place that kids love visiting. Whether you have an active five-year-old or a frightened three-year-old, we want to help with your family’s dental care.

Children's Dentistry El Paso TXChoosing a Child’s Dentist is Not Much Different than Selecting a Pediatrician

Instilling good brushing habits early, in an office that is comfortable and enjoyable, is essential for the best oral health. Children’s teeth can be susceptible to cavities for several reasons. Children often don’t brush well by themselves. Therefore, it is important for adults to be involved in their child’s daily brushing and flossing. This makes sure a child receives both a thorough cleaning and the long-term development of good dental habits. Younger kids tend to eat more throughout the day (called grazing). This can result in a prolonged exposure to mouth acid (whenever you eat, you create acid), which can lead to more cavities.

Teeth that are not as clean as they should be generate additional acid exposure. This acid can accelerate the development of any cavities. The good news is that identifying poor eating or hygiene habits, along with a fluoride application to the teeth, can substantially lower the chance of your child getting cavities.

How to Prevent Child Tooth Decay with Sealants

We realize children may not do a great job of brushing their teeth. (Even adults sometimes have the same problem!) Meticulous brushing may not reach the grooves in the back teeth. This may lead to bacteria, acid, and plaque forming, and decay will develop. Once the tooth has dental decay, it is damaged forever and will need a filling or crown as a repair.

There is a way to help prevent all this! The application of dental sealants will fix most of the problems.

Here’s how this process works:
  • A tooth (or teeth) is cleaned and then sterilized.
  • A thin coating is applied. This is usually white or clear.
  • A special curing light is applied to bond the sealant.
  • The whole process can be done in a few minutes. No shots or drills are required for these procedures. It’s completely harmless.
Applying sealants is a great preventive process that both children and adolescents can do for the health of their natural smile.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Schedule online or give us a call today at (915) 581-1511 to schedule a visit for everyone.

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