Sedation Dentistry

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“Excellent dentist and staff. Dr. Kimball is professional and a good communicator. Recent tooth extraction was nearly painless and effective to require minimal recovery time. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Kimball for a great experience to a new El Pasoen.”
Dr. Steven B.

Is dental anxiety or phobia keeping you from addressing your oral health needs? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Our team at Westside Dentistry can make your visit comfortable with sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a safe way to relax or even sleep through your dental procedures. We offer a range of options, including: minimal sedation (laughing gas), moderate sedation (a little more relaxed), deep sedation (still conscious and can be easily awakened, but not aware of sensation or anxiety), and general anesthesia (unconscious) which is reserved for more involved oral surgeries.

We know dental work can be a great source of dread. We don’t want to see you miserable, from worry or dental issues. We go above and beyond to resolve both your worries and your oral health needs.

Call Westside Dentistry to discuss the sedation options that are available to you. And, don’t worry! You can count on our team to make you feel comfortable and safe.

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Here’s how the process works:

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Schedule an appointment.

We understand how hectic life can be, so we work hard to find a time that fits well for you.
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Relax through an entire procedure.

With gentle care and safe sedation dentistry options for effectively eliminating pain and anxiety, you can count on our team to provide you with the easiest possible dental experience.
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Celebrate your accomplishment!

You’ve given your teeth the care they need, and the process is behind you. Now you can enjoy a healthy smile and peace of mind!

Get just what you need and understand all your options.

At Westside Dentistry, our family dentist and our entire team take care of our patients with compassion and understanding — the same way we want to be treated. That means our highly skilled professionals take time to educate each patient and address any concerns with patience, understanding, and a guarantee we'll never recommend anything that's not actually needed.

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