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Don’t let damaged teeth cause you stress. Inlays and onlays from Westside Dentistry in El Paso, TX are a versatile, custom solution to get you smiling again!

Whether from chewing, grinding, or an accident, the cusps of your teeth (those places where your teeth meet your food) are at risk on a daily basis. If more than half of your tooth’s biting surface is damaged, our Westside Dentistry in El Paso, TX team can use inlays and onlays to repair it without causing more damage down the line.

  • For a single crack, we’ll construct a gold, silver, or porcelain inlay, specially designed for your individual tooth and directly bonded with high-strength resin.
  • For teeth with more extensive damage, we’ll create an onlay to cover bigger problem areas, with the same precision and durability.

Letting your tooth stay damaged can create headaches (literally) down the road. But, with the flexibility of inlays and onlays, we’ll find the long-term solution for your dental health. Let’s get your worry-free, beautiful smile back!

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